Sous Sol

Sous Sol womenswear collection is a study on white canvas illustration designed for waterside lounging. The illustrative prints highlight feminine ennui and angst in a playful manner, the result of which is an expressed lack of torment from trivial emotions. Candid scribbles documenting abstracted life offers an avenue for wearing one’s annoyances. So, it seems to me that lounging by water is a perfectly associated activity where turbulence grows still with little time. Design inspiration takes spirit from artwork by Malika Favre, artwork by Sophia Bonati, artwork by Pablo Picasso, construction contours from watercraft vehicles, and French Expressionist painting. The clothing patterns themselves lean toward modern activewear with punctuations of boat structure analogies.

The gallery slider above shows the following project samples: inspiration board (I do not own the rights to all component photographs), research and sketch study, final illustration, technical flats and specifications