Rustless menswear collection is a road warrior concept designed for men who embody classical stoicism and the willingness to traverse rough earth. Its inception began with my attraction to roguish lifestyles as I feel that masculinity in a most animal sense can emanate from those who play in the elements. Major points of inspiration come from London’s off-track motorcycle fashion, First World War military garb from the Sinai Desert campaign, costume design from George Miller’s Mad Max dystopia, and fantasy leather armors. The Rustless design line therefore particularly acknowledges drier biomes and sun enriched living. Primary fabrics include natural weather resistant materials, chiefly waxed cotton, canvas, and leather substitutes. The pieces are intended to be worn in casual travel regardless of sport or outdoor weathering. Urban landscape use especially enforces the identity that one’s luxury protections can be foregone with pleasure.

The gallery slider above shows the following project samples: inspiration board (I do not own the rights to all component photographs), research and sketch study, final illustration, technical flats and specifications