Diffracta menswear collection is an achromatic print aesthetic designed for men who appreciate typography and graphic design principles on activewear. The current fashion climate embraces typography as an art form even in commercial context, but Diffracta attempts to subdue the advertisement component by way of emphasizing design fundamentals. Points of inspiration come from the intelligent use of space and contrast in artwork by Moholy Nagy, art imagery by Jenny Holzer, the strength of right angles in Corbusian architecture, and the general approach of neo and post-conceptual art. Expression in black and white, excepting neutral accents such as cream color, pushes a bold fashion canvas that can entertain delicate linework or strong blocking. These geometries aim to exude the sense that its demographic displays color through personality instead of dress.

The gallery slider above shows the following project samples: inspiration board (I do not own the rights to all component photographs), research and sketch study, detailed illustration