Thank you for perusing my design samples. My name is Kane and I am a designer based in Los Angeles, California. If you would like to see more portfolio work or have any questions, please send your request in the 'Contact' page or email me directly from our correspondence information.

What I Bring

My experience and ability are emphasized in creative design. I would love to join a team endeavor in the fashion industry, one that matures bold concepts into appealing products pressing on the colorful edge between nostalgia and innovation. Any pertinent merits are accounted in my professional resume.

How I See

Although style is without limit, I believe that good taste is the ability to recognize objectively strong design principles; as such, even undiscovered marvels in fashion will revolve about an objective aesthetic. This means that there is a groundwork for the infinite invention of great design, no matter the theme required or story behind. Perhaps we can work together in creating these inspired pieces.